For Our Suppliers

LCGC LABS takes pride in our ability to attract and maintain relationships with the highest quality suppliers and subcontractors and to appropriately match their skills to the requirements of our projects. In order to accomplish this goal in an orderly manner, we ask that you take time to provide us with the information requested in this pre-qualification statement.

for our suppliers lcgc labs

Please submit your pre-qualification information to LCGC LABS procurement group, using our online forms (download Suppliers or Subcontractors). Your completed forms are reviewed by us and securely stored in LCGC LABS central database. Your information will remain confidential and made available only to those authorized individuals engaged in bidder selection. You may update your forms at any time. Submitting pre-qualification information is not a guarantee of being considered a qualified vendor, subcontractor, or subconsultant of LCGC LABS.

We thank you for your interest in working with us.

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