Our Culture

The philosophical basis – the culture – of LCGC LABS is different from that of most companies. The LCGC LABS work environment is informal, a corporate family atmosphere that endorses entrepreneurship and an eagerness to experiment. Employees review each other’s performance; management hierarchy varies from one project to the next, as each project team is formed according to the specific needs of a project; and supervisory roles are alternated based on staffing needs. This approach succeeds because it involves people who are both capable of self-management and managing others in ever-changing roles.

our cluture lcgc labs

LCGC LABS actively fosters employees’ growth and has become a significant leader in its industry because of respect for its employees. There are many cases of LCGC LABS employees who’ve advanced their technological skills through company expense. LCGC LABS is one of the best places in the industry that architects and engineers can build a strong resume by helping LCGC LABS build its resume.

Success at LCGC LABS
•  Own Your Work, Not Your Job Description
•  LCGC LABS Rewards Performance, Not Title
•  Communicate
•  Follow Through on Commitments
•  Meet All Deadlines
•  You Aren’t Successful Unless the Team is Successful

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