Laboratory Automation and Integration

Laboratory automation is the use of technology and equipment in laboratories to conduct routine or tedious processes including state-of-the-art workflows in research, quality assurance, and diagnostics. The automation enables robust and faster throughput and analysis of a large number of samples at one go. Laboratory automation finds applications in the areas of both clinical testing and drug discovery; a laboratory automation system could either be a standalone or an integrated system.


Use of LIMS:

    Automated data capture & reduction
    Instrument independence
    Integration with instrumentation
    Integration with third party systems
    Business process automation

Laboratories can increase their efficiency in data acquisition, and the integrity of their data, with the automation and integration provided by the LIMS. The system is instrument independent, allowing labs to choose their own instruments and know that they will interface with their LIMS.

LCGC LABS provides innovative data management software to accelerate scientific discovery and collaboration. Leveraging our deep scientific domain expertise we can create custom integration with any third party systems in use by a laboratory. This provides a unified platform for enterprise wide reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as any other factors needed by the laboratory.


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