We at ICGC Labs, Hyderabad, are dedicated to our clients helping with their laboratory projects and get them off the ground proficiently and magnificently. We offer a wide range of services to streamline the process, giving all the help our client needs, irrespective of the stage their lab project is moving through. Our experts would be able to resolve all your issues and manage everything down to the very last detail so that you can run your lab effortlessly without impediments. We take care of laboratory projects as a consultant and help your project from conception of the idea to the execution.

Planning and Implementation
When it comes to starting a laboratory project, it comprises of a variety of specialized works such as computational analysis, laboratory planning, and implementation and building, and more. In order to handle a variety of specialized tasks, our team consists of the right number of researchers, professionals, and engineers. Some of the specialized tasks are as follows:

  • Research and study of the new laboratory plan before execution
  • Feasibility research for the moving of an existing laboratory to a new location
  • Front-end engineering for laboratory planning and organization

Range of work

  • Laboratory design and building
  • Laboratory furnishing, media, and methodical building equipment
  • Laboratory building materials and equipment
  • Computational study and working procedures
  • Laboratory preparation and organization


  • Project and feasibility researches
  • Overall planning and development
  • Survey and supervision of lab projects

Laboratory Building – Specialized fields

  • Computational analysis or Analytics
  • Furniture and equipment for laboratory
  • Technical equipment for building
  • Organizing laboratory

Renovation or expansion of laboratory – Equipment and analytics
At times, when laboratories are renovated, the existing analytics and laboratory equipment will be retained. On the other hand, some laboratories will be planned completely new. They are known as the Greenfield project and the analytics would be determined at the start, based on the functions of the project.

Laboratory functions

  • Quality assurance
  • Controlling standards
  • Determining parameters
  • Research and development
  • Designing standard operating procedures

Laboratory furnishing and conveniences
Based on the standard procedures and the laboratory equipment, our experts would design a laboratory space model. Each laboratory has its own set of distinctive demands for space, conveniences, and disposal facility together with safety guidelines. You would be getting virtualized space concepts based on your demands.

Building and equipment
In addition to the real analytical laboratory, logistics spaces, civic spaces, workplaces, and engineering places will be required. The lab building has to be made to meet all the requirements of the customer. The building and technical building equipment are the two areas for which we provide feasibility studies.

Organization of Laboratory
We make sure that the user can work in the lab professionally and safely while producing reproducible results. Our team manages depiction of the workspace for equipment and employee, workflow organization, quality research and management, data management, regulations, etc.

Our laboratory consultancy services offers access to the most renowned base of scientific expertise in the industry. Our seasoned experts understand your business, possess experience implementing your industry’s best practices, and will leverage that expertise to enhance your laboratory efficiency.

Whether it’s for complex research or routine testing, our experts can recommend and provide the right solution to address laboratory challenges faced today and into the future, helping you drive decisions, maximize resources, and increase productivity.

Our Consulting Services include

  • Needs assessment
  • Laboratory Relocation Services
  • Training programs

Benefit of Working with Us:

  • Identify Opportunities for Service Enhancement
  • Identify future opportunities for cost savings road maps
  • Streamline workflows, develop and document
  • Expert Laboratory Personnel Training
  • Expert, concise training on areas of instrument maintenance