Under Taking of Turnkey Projects

LCGC LABS is specialized in executing turnkey projects which are the growing part of our business in which we are engaged in designing, managing, installing and commissioning fully functional laboratories. 

turnkey services lcgc labs

When planning and constructing a laboratory, many aspects are involved and have to be considered. The optimal selection and combination of lab equipment, the management of suppliers activities, the difficulty to coordinate their commissioning dates and their potentially delay in delivery are all tasks that should be coordinated properly to present a complete laboratory within the given timeline.

Dealing with LCGC LABS as Turnkey project in charge, increases efficiency, assists in attaining the desired outcome, and the time bound progress of the project as a whole.

LCGC LABS ensures all suppliers meet the high standards in quality and reliability. The advantages for the end-users are evident: observance of milestones and finish date as well as the appointed budget, regular updates from one hand and reliable information about the project progress.

LCGC LABS Turnkey solutions are the best choice for customers that aim to have a timely completion and within the stipulated budget.

One single point of contact: we take overall responsibility

Planning and Design
Training (GDP, GLP, and GMP)

turnkey project services lcgc labs
Planning and Design
While planning and designing, LCGC LABS optimizes the relation between different divisions of laboratory and defines its best location for an optimal sample preparation and sequence. The safety of laboratory employees is one of the highest targets in the planning and designing of each area of the laboratory.

It is very convenient to use 3D visualization, allowing all parties to simulate the final layout. LCGC LABS planning and designing team work with state of the art software packages for this purpose. The optimal supply of the laboratory with power, light, water, electricity, ventilation, instrument and plant air, chemicals, drainage or vacuum supply lines is carried out in detail during this phase. LCGC LABS professionals plan all necessary utilities as well as safety showers, extraction system, waste, and storage.

The implementation phase characterizes the period from the shell of building to the commissioning of all systems. In this highly sensitive step of consolidation of all involved parties, a huge of coordination is needed in order to ensure that the project ends smoothly.

LCGC LABS supervises all main parts of realization on-site: building, interior equipment, installation, and commissioning.

Training (GDP, GLP, and GMP)
Procedural and equipment training is provided by our experts in the field. The training takes place during and after commissioning of the laboratory. People with many years of experience will guide the client through all the related procedures and help them to acquaint with the terminology and the technology. Usually it is advised that training takes place in small groups in order for the participants to gain the most knowledge. Training sessions include theoretical as well as practical training, whereas the main focus is on the practical exercise. Further training courses for equipment operators and chemists can be provided at company headquarters for the purpose of broadening the scope of knowledge.

After the completion of the training phase LCGC LABS provides the client with support during start-up. This backup is to ensure that the client gains the most out of each session from the processes in the laboratory and help the laboratory start-up become more resourceful and smooth.

LCGC LABS turnkey Laboratory Solutions have fitted out some of the biggest laboratories in India
Excellent personal know-how and many years of experience in planning turn-key solutions and trouble shooting
Nationwide network
One single contact with overall responsibility
Smooth, effective, efficient, and cost effective solutions


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