HVAC is an industry abbreviation for Heating , Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.  All buildings and premises generally require one or all of the aforementioned items. Whether your building is just a warehouse or a city base high riser we are able to engineer a solution to suit.

lcgc labs hvac

This can be traditional gas fired, electric, oil or reverse cycle heat pump systems linked in turn to centralized or localized fan coil (FCU) & air handling units (AHU).

The term ventilation covers many areas of air movement. This could be classed as simple extraction from a break out area, fresh air input & extraction to suit occupancy levels or more involved heat recovery solutions ‘re-using’ potentially wasted heat. We are also able to engineer solutions to offer ‘free cooling’ in lower ambient conditions considerably improving upon system efficiency and life.

Air Conditioning
This can be of a water chilled or DX ( direct expansion ) concept and come in many guises whether it be air to air or air to water. This again can be linked in turn to centralized or localized fan coil (FCU) & air handling units (AHU).

lcgc labs hvac system

So, how can LCGC help?
At LCGC we can help with the following:
Survey and assessment of existing buildings / existing HVAC services with the view of commenting upon upgrade or new installation.
Design and engineering of a working compliant system. All systems will be engineered to comply with current health and safety requirement, building regulations and CIBSE recommendations.
LCGC can investigate the existing design and quote to upgrade the services to suit.
LCGC carry out all of the survey, design (duct work dimensional drawing) and installation working as to offer a complete ‘turn key’ package . Once the works are handed over and operational we produce extensive operation and maintenance (O+M ) documentation and staff training if required.
HVAC packages start from as little as a few lakhs rupees and can in many cases dependent upon the complexity and size of the works be many lakhs of rupees. No matter what size the project, we pride ourselves that the end user will receive the same great service and support.
Once all of the works are complete we offer preventative maintenance agreements and full after sales support supported by up to 36 month warranties.
Most importantly, all solutions are all engineered to comply with building regulations and health and safety guidelines.


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