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Many believe that it isn’t possible to deliver high quality products and services at a low price. At LCGC LABS, we have built up our company on seeing possibilities, where others don’t seek them. The result is a solid and user-friendly solution/product that doesn’t compromise on quality and timelines.

LCGC LABS is specialized in executing turnkey projects which are the growing part of our business in which we are engaged in designing, managing, installing and commissioning fully functional laboratories.


A leader in creating Architecture for Research and Development, LCGC LABS is dedicated to serve their clients to get effective, efficient, and creative environments that facilitate R&D to advance in cost-sensitive …


Laboratory automation is the use of technology and equipment in laboratories to conduct routine or tedious processes including state-of-the-art workflows in research, quality assurance, and diagnostics.


About Us

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India LCGC LABS is one of the highly reputed Laboratory and Cleanroom Products Manufacturer and supplier in India; LCGC LABS has been in operation since 2003. We have specialized in the development and designing of Laboratory and Cleanroom products and services, facilitating our customers with optimal solutions under full coverage of safety, sustainability, and affordability, thus turning clients’ expenditure into valued investment for the years to come.

LCGC LABS products and service are designed to meet the demands of Aerospace Industry, Biomedical Industry and Research, Food Packaging and Processing, Pharmaceutical Industry, Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry, Paint and Coating, Petrochemical, Research and Development, Clinical & Medical Diagnostics, Environmental and Pollution Control, Genetic, Cement & Bricks, Life Science, and Agriculture.

Our scope includes, Project management, Laboratory planning, Turnkey laboratories, Consulting, Lab Furniture, Fume Hoods, Cleanrooms, Gas Piping and Distribution System, Exhaust System, VAV systems for Fume Hoods, HVAC, Electrical Services, Water Supply and Drain System, Flooring, False Ceiling, Partitioning.


Laboratory furniture is different compared to the typical furniture that we see in homes, schools and offices. The reason for this is that laboratories are dynamic environments. And because of ...

Why Choose Us?

1. Expertise

More than 10+ years of industry experience with innovative and user friendly solutions.

2. Adaptability

Our wide-ranging products and services are adaptable within a competitive price range as we strive to maintain a continuing line up of delivering best quality products and services to our clients.

3. Sales Support

All products and services that we deliver provide a prompt and regional support by our product specialists. In this program, we educate our clients and users of our products so that they can get the maximum performance of the lab equipment.

4. Pioneering Technology

We serve our clients with state of the art technology within the industry. We continue to upgrade our product line to lead the first place in serving our clients’ requirements by attending the greater part of industry trade conferences, present technical papers and exploring the globe for new advancements that will help us in fulfilling our purposes.

5. After-sales Service

All products are available with extended maintenance and service programs which we offer as part of our business, which helps us in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients and customers.